Silvercreek Realty Group was founded in Meridian in 2008 by the Doughty family: Aaron, Roger & Joyce. The Doughty’s have built a company based around helping our agents build better businesses. We take pride in our company atmosphere, fostering a welcoming, learning environment for all of our agents. As we strive to build the best brokerage for our agents, we have the expectations that our agents will live up to the highest standards, working with a strong moral code and providing the best service possible to their clients and to others in the industry.

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Our Agents

At Silvercreek Realty Group, our agents are our customers. We provide training, support, and a fair business model to help our agents succeed. We encourage our agents to create the customized business path that is right for them. We feature several large and small teams, partnerships, and full-time and part-time individual agents.

Broker Support

Our full-time brokers: Krista Deacon, Jan Nowak, and Aaron Doughty are available to answer your questions or concerns. They each have extensive training and experience, and offer a one hour response policy. In an ever changing real estate climate, it is important for you to have access to your broker team when you need it.


Our agents have high integrity and we are proud to work with each of them! We also have a culture of sharing, growing, and giving. Our agents collaborate & mastermind to gain new ideas and help each other improve. We provide learning tools and keep fees low, so our agents can use the knowledge gained and money saved to implement business growing practices. They also use their savings to give back. Silvercreek’s Helping Hands program allows agents to make a donation with each transaction. This year, we’re supporting the Booth Marian Pritchett Program of the Salvation Army.


We have integrated technology into all aspects of Silvercreek to help our agents and staff work more efficiently. Our online database allows us to have a paperless office and allows agent access their documents anytime, anywhere via computer or mobile. Our online toolbox has links and access to all our services, including training videos, a forum for agents to communicate, forms, and room reservations.

Fee Structure

We are excited to provide our agents with a fair fee structure that allows them to succeed in the way they choose to run their businesses.

    • $50 per month desk and administrative fee
    • $450 fixed transaction fee per closing
    • $9000 (20 transaction) CAP. After cap fee of $125/transaction. Each year resets on your Silvercreek anniversary date


We offer a wide variety of services for our agents and as we grow, we continue to add more. Our current offerings:

          – 3 in-house brokers

          – Full-time IT support

          – CE classes

          – Agent development classes

          – Training, mentoring & coaching programs

          – Drop-in offices

          – Client meeting rooms

          – Free printing/copying

          – 5 office locations

          – Paperless document system

        – Floor time for lead generation

        – Profit sharing

        – Free professional photos

        – Toolkit CMA

        – Discounted partner services

Winnie Morton

Silvercreek has great support for its agents. The administrative team is great and very helpful and cheerful. The company is one of integrity and has attracted great agents. Silvercreek has provided multiple tools and education if we wish to use them, but never force anyone to use the services. I think Silvercreek is a top rate company and I cannot foresee ANY reason to be anywhere but at Silvercreek Realty. Thank you for engineering the plan for this great company! I think it is perfect for me and I do encourage others to join us.

Winnie MortonReal Estate Agent
Tamara Haney

I stay here because Silvercreek has allowed me the freedom to build my business as much (or as little) as I desire by providing me with endless opportunities to learn and grow. From the quick Broker response, the fabulous CE and non CE classes available, the coaching and educational meetings, the profit sharing, the agent portal with services and information, and the special program opportunities…Silvercreek has it all.

Tamara HaneyReal Estate Agent
Sean Taylor

Why did I join Silvercreek?

Several things influenced my decision but the main thing was wanting to improve the platform in which I could grow my business and professional image. Silvercreek was building and growing when other brokerages seemed to be on the decline. The Silvercreek main office was impressive, it’s staff was polite and available office space and location was great. The Silvercreek business model was also attractive.

Silvercreek has provided a nice platform for me to build off of with no road blocks to success. I have appreciated the kind staff including the front office, tech team, accounting, easy broker access and ease of conducting business with M-files.

I joined, for the reasons listed above…plus all the freebies in the kitchen!

Sean TaylorReal Estate Agent

Ready to Join Silvercreek Realty Group?

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Realtor® Fees

Useful information about cost breakdowns.