John Jess

Cell: (208) 559-0363


John can consult and complete anything having to do with your home. He brings a common sense approach that pools all his resources together to turn your house, or your next house, into a home!

What else can John do for you? Update and sell your home? Buy a home and update to make it yours? Remodel or change it up to make it how you want? Call John to see what he can do for you!


Are you a returning client wondering “where has John been?” See what John has been up to under “background” below.


John started a painting and manufacturing business after college in 2000 in the oil & gas industry. Moving to Boise in 2003 and working his way into a property management business that was nicely complimented with becoming a licensed real estate agent. In 2005, the real estate had him getting out of the oil and gas and the property management to focus on being a Realtor. Each year, painting was always a mainstay. As the market dropped in 2008, he transitioned back into the oil and gas over 2 years. By 2010, the oilfield business was thriving from implementing the sales and marketing learned in real estate. John went “inactive” as a Realtor in 2010. By 2015, the oilfield was producing excellent income and opportunities when global supply and demand caused prices to plummet. This was a blessing as daughters Alli and Kaitlin did not see their Dad much while business was good. As construction and the real estate market has been growing in Boise since then; John got back into painting and construction. Rocket Painting Services has been growing each year since. In 2018, many past clients and current customers with the service company have been asking, “John, who is your trusted Realtor in your network? I need to list or buy a home.” It was easy to decide to add a service he knows well to the list!