Karla Luckow

Cell: (208) 546-1300
Fax: (208) 319-8697

I may be your neighbor, your friend or family member or maybe an acquaintance. However we are connected my goal is the same: Provide you with Quality Service through your next Real Estate transaction.


My service includes regular communication, information and education concerning current Real Estate related information and honesty throughout the process.


Each day I learn and grow. There are a lot of things I don't know, Real Estate I do know and there's always more to learn. In my career field things change pretty much daily. I can guarantee you if we come across something I do not have ready knowledge of I will find out.

This page, www.luckowrealty.com, is a part of my ever growing knowledge base. I am teaching myself how to do this better, more creative, branded, etc. I am excited for the opportunity to work with you. Give me a call and we'll get started on meeting your goals.

Ask about my “Love It OR Leave It” Home Buyers Guarantee as well as my “Easy Exit” Listing Agreement.


Idaho License #SP40719
Licensed first April 4, 2013

Lives in: Nampa, ID My husband I moved here to Idaho in April of 2010 to be closer to his Mom. Family means so much to us.

Family: Lance and I met September of 1989 and married September 1 of 1990. He is the love of my life. We have 5 children and 9 grandchildren now.

Home Insurance Education for Real Estate Professionals 27-Jun-2017
Real Estate Guide to Government Loans 07-Jun-2017
Renovation Financing: Making the Home You Like Into the Home You Love 23-May-2017
Hope is NOT a Strategy: Business Planning for Real Estate Professionals 19-Jan-2017
Commission Core 2016 18-Nov-2016
1031 Exchange Essentials 02-Nov-2016
Lending Boot Camp for Real Estate Agents 31-Mar-2016
Real Estate Professionals' Guide to Title Insurance 09-Mar-2016
Property Management for Real Estate Professionals 18-Feb-2016
Commission Core 2015 24-Sep-2015
Reverse Mortgage Real Estate Guide 27-Aug-2015
New Forms? No Problem. A Guide to Navigating CFPB Requirements 05-Aug-2015
Commission Core 2014 30-Oct-2014
Certified Military Residential Specialist 26-Jun-2014
Commission Core 2013 29-May-2014
Does it Pencil/Course 3/Investment Property Analysis (a.k.a. Certified Real Estate Analyst Course 3) 15-May-2014
Does it Pencil/Course 1 Baseline Analysis for Real Estate (a.k.a Certified Real Estate Analyst/Course 1)14-May-2014
Basics of Commercial Real Estate 23-Apr-2014
Closing 203K Streamline Rehabilitation Transactions 09-Apr-2014
Renovation Financing: Making the Home You Like into the Home You Love 19-Mar-2014
Title Explained: The Benefits of Understanding Title Insurance 12-Feb-2014
Real Estate Guide to Government Loans 15-Jan-2014
Take the Secret Out of Success 01-Oct-2013
Ethics Seminar 28-Aug-2013
Working with the Veteran Homebuyer 18-Jun-2013
IHFA Training 15-May-2013
Sales Prelicense Module 2 16-Mar-2013
Sales Prelicense Module 1 11-Mar-2013v


Charles Daggett
.June 19, 2014, Charles worked with Karla but at different companies

Karla is a very client oriented agent. She works tirelessly for her clients. She possesses the the highest degree of honesty and integrity in her dealings with all parties.

SevenPoint2 Health Made Simple Independant Coach
June 16, 2014, KATHY worked with Karla but at different companies

Karla is friendly and personable and was very helpful in leading me to a desired objective the very day we met.

Dean Welch
Commissioner (Governor Appointed) at Serve Wyoming
June 12, 2014, Dean worked with Karla but at different companies

If you are looking for a determined and dedicated person to be on your side then Karla is the right choice. She will work tirelessly to get the best results every time.
Adam Graham
Agent/producer at Farmers insurance the David H Fisk Agency
June 6, 2014, adam worked with Karla but at different companies

Working with Karla Luckow has proved to be a very pleasant experience and I have complete confidence that Mrs. Luckow will always put forth her very best of effort in every situation to be the victor. Winning is a sure key to a great life and Karla knows how to win!
Peggy Breen 208-859-5856
Ambassador for Acti-labs.com/me/peggy-breen
June 2, 2014, Peggy Breen worked with Karla but at different companies

Karla is an absolute professional in her business. She cares deeply about her clients and will absolutely move mountains to help them to obtain their wants and desires. She truly listens to their needs and then dives in to making their dream into a reality! I appreciate Karla on a personal level as well as she cares deeply for her community, her friendships and her ability to serve this community to make it a better place to live and work. It is my pleasure to recommend her services for anyone that is seeking the best professional service that you can get!
Rick Budahl
Owner at Northwest Housing Services LLC NMLS #20512/#29491
June 2, 2014, Rick worked with Karla but at different companies

Excellent real estate agent.
Fred Meyer
President at Tomlinson Real Estate Group
June 2, 2014, Fred was senior to Karla but didn’t manage directly

I believe Karla's life experiences uniquely qualify her for a career in Real estate. The service we provide our customers is all about balancing various priorities including lenders, title companies, inspections, appraisers and other customers. Her enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and provide outstanding service makes her a wonderful choice as your real estate professional!