Mark Maselli

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Realtor ®

Our team here at Silvercreek Realty Group makes available to all its clients, not only the professional knowledge of each individual agent, but also the combined expertise and skills of the entire team. We pride ourselves on continuing and progressive education, thus providing our clients with quality real estate services.


Clients should be given the utmost courtesy and always good service. Treating people with the appropriate service shows them you care and as a real estate agent we should care greatly. We make a difference in communities and caring for one another is the right thing to do. Service, really good service, is what we all should provide and happily to do so.

You will find my enthusiasm and eagarness to serve is attribute which has served me well, especially in my previous career, the military.


One ideology I've come to adopt as part of my way of life, is a strong commitment. My commitment to my client is that I will see things through the end and that our mutal trust will ensure that I always have the best interest of my client at heart. Finding my dedication to duty will provide you with great comfort I am completely committed to our relationship in your needs as a client.


Understanding regulations, policies and law are a few items of interest which were instilled into my way of operating as educated in the military. I proudly wore the uniform for 31 years learning respect and how to treat others whether subordinates or superiors.

My education is a BA in Human Resources with a minor in Business Administration. A portion of my military career was spent in Recruiting and Retention Operations, helping people with life choices.

I am a licensed Realtor in Idaho.