Mickey Hart

Cell: (208) 634-6984

I love Idaho and I love helping People in Idaho!


Do you want to know what your home is worth? I will complete a free home listing appointment with you at your convenience. Want to know what is available in the housing market for you? I can show you and help you find a lender who can work with you. Don't know the area? I'm happy to show you around and introduce you to the best place on earth!


I will follow through for my clients. From beginning to end of each transaction. I will find the answers for you and be in your court all the way. Buying and Selling a home is an emotional and major commitment that I will not treat lightly. You will have my full attention and respect. I am a professional Realtor and my responsibility to my business and my client is a Top Priority.


I have been a homeowner in Idaho for 34 years. I successfully passed the real estate exam in 2015 and continue to improve my skills in real estate and customer service.

I take my real estate business seriously. As a Licensed Realtor in Idaho I am required to complete several courses throughout the year. I also read many books and keep up on what is going on in Idaho. I want to be prepared to help my clients, buyers, sellers and investors. I take advantage of every opportunity to increase my knowledge in Real Estate and Investing so I can pass my experience on to my clients.