Travis Tyson

Cell: (208) 250-0842

Helping you settle into the Idaho Pioneer Lifestyle! Don't just LIVE in Idaho, DO what made it great!


I am Travis Tyson and as a modern pioneer, I am devoted to the land and the Idaho lifestyle and heritage. As your REALTOR®, I am dedicated to serving you, not only in your real estate needs but in celebrating our Idaho culture, history, and lifestyle. I want to share my love of the Gem State and provide unparalleled service from the beginning to closing and beyond. I would be honored to be your Idaho Real Estate Guide on your journey of home buying, selling, or investing.


Honesty above all else –
As your REALTOR®, I will put YOUR needs first.

Professionalism –
From the dress to my manners, hiring me as your REALTOR® is an extension of yourself to everyone I will encounter in your home sale/purchasing journey.

Excellent communication skills –
As your trusted REALTOR® I will stay in constant touch with you so you are never left to wonder what is happening and what's next.

Strong negotiator –
You want a Lion, not a Sheep. I will negotiate for you and when warranted, I won't hesitate to counteroffer with a price that is more favorable to you.

Creative marketer –
The internet will be where home buyers discover your home. In addition to using the MLS, I will also be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms, to spread the word.

I will be there when you need it most –
The Appraisal & Home Inspection process can be tricky to navigate and I will not let you go alone. I will be there to help you with any questions asked and to make sure you're comfortable with the final reports.


I am an adventurous and dedicated father, REALTOR®, farmer & Pioneer.
I am passionate about building strong, authentic relationships.
I teach people to connect with the land and embrace the Idaho Lifestyle.