New Construction Agents

Silvercreek Realty Group is both the largest Real Estate brokerage as well as the fastest growing brokerage in the State of Idaho.  That’s a rare combination for any company.  To add to that, the agents that are joining Silvercreek are among the most productive and skilled as well creates a great opportunity for customers looking to purchase a home.

The real estate market is growing.  That means homes are selling faster and there are less houses available on the market.  When there are Buyers but not enough product, economic principles dictate that soon there will be production of homes to fill the need.  That’s where Silvercreek Realty Group can really help you.

We have some of the best agents in Idaho.  We also represent many builders and communities so the opportunity to help both Buyers and Sellers

find each other is great!  When you are looking for a new home you will need help with finding the right builder that meets your needs, wants, and desires.  It is a complex process that our agents are specifically trained in so we make it easier for you.

  • Are you looking for your first home or do you want help selling your current home and building your dream?  We can help.
  • Do you know the advantages of having a home built for you?  New homes in Idaho come with a warranty and we can explain how that benefits you.  Are there features or

    designs that you want that could be difficult to find on the market?  Let us guide you to the builders who know how to apply building techniques that best suite your desires.

  • Are you looking for a home in an area that simply doesn’t have product?  We can find a builder who can build on a lot of your desire.
  • The prices seem high for existing homes.  Did you know that new construction often is considerably better priced?

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