Bobbie Smith

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Extraordinary Service, Extraordinary Results


It's prudent for your agent to consider all forms of marketing today including social media platforms. What you need is to have a lot of eyes on your home because without that, you cannot sell your home for the price you need. I love finding my own buyers for my listings. I've done this on multiple occasions and within thirty days or less when listing my seller's property. When this happens, I can help to keep the emotion out of the negotiations where deals are lost


Knowing the market and finding a diamond for my buyers is exciting. What can be more rewarding than understanding the market and finding a listing that was priced below market value. The buyer has equity built in their home from the minute they close escrow.

I try to keep the process fun regardless of what side of the fence I am on. I believe in honesty and integrity while keeping my clients updated and educated throughout the process. I'm a firm believer in a win win scenario and I love it when I take a listing to sold in thirty days or less.


I fell in love with helping people solve their problems over thirty years ago. I started as a drug and alcohol counselor, then became a Social Service Manager for the elderly before moving into the real estate industry in the 90's.

As an investor and homeowner, I know how important it is to get the right price for your home. The last thing a seller needs is to price their home high and then lose their window of opportunity or list it so low that they give up some of their equity. If the seller is educated the best possible outcome, creating a win win for all parties is possible. After all, buyers are educated and savvy because of the internet.

Fun Fact: inventor and owner of US Patent #4,997,231. The infant car seat or carrier retractable “Sunshade”. The next time you see a newborn you'll see my invention.


We met Bobbie over a year ago over pizza, we were first looking for a home at that time and expecting our first baby! Bobbie still remembers our little outing and always mentions that day, we had met up with a few different realtors but none of them were ever as personable as Bobbie. Since then we looked at multiple homes and had a few different prospects that didn't work out. Most recently we decided that it was the right time for us to buy but we didn't listen to Bobbies advice on a few things (wish we had) and went forth in the direction of a home we absolutely fell in love with. Due to not listening her guidance (and my husbands) after starting the process and getting our pre approval, accepted offer and about 1000$ in so on and so forth something came up that did not allow us to finish a few weeks before closing.. if I could go back I would have definitely taken Bobbies advice and saved $1000! There are some things you cannot change though. If you are looking for a realtor that remembers birthdays, keeps in touch, and has your best interest at heart you've found her! Even if you think you know what's best I would let her lead especially if you are a first time home buyer it's hard to know all the ins and outs of buying a home but that's what your realtors for! – Merita Gailey

I was struggling to sell an office building and had gone through several realtors with good reputations but they couldn't sell the building even at drastically reduced prices. Bobbie doesn't just put the property on the MLS and put a sign in the yard. She has an innovative system for on-line marketing including social media etc. But that isn't what makes her special. What makes her special is the effort she puts in. I have bought and sold many properties but she is the first realtor i have ever had that really earned her commission. She went above and beyond. She was basically the general contractor for the renovation but she also painted, cleaned, scrubbed the sink, picked out colors, etc. Best of all she contacted planning and zoning and figured out that I could fill out a form and get a variance to turn the property into residential. She then listed the house and 6 days later sold it for 25% more than I had tried to sell it for just 30 days before! Bobbie is honest, hard working, dedicated, creative, intelligent, and has great customer service! No other realtor would have gone to the lengths she went to to get my property sold. She is a dynamo and trust me you want her on your side! Thank you Bobbie! – Dr. Sapp

We listed our property with Bobbie Smith and within two weeks had a sound offer. She also made it possible to close earlier than expected. If you decide to list your property with Bobbie, you will find her to be very professional, detail oriented and knowledgeable about the housing market. I would highly recommend Bobbie Smith as your next real estate agent. We also listed our home at 3215 Lower Bluff Drive in Emmett, Idaho in June 2016, with Bobbie. We had a full price offer in just three days. Just before closing the appraisal came in 10K lower than what we expected. So the buyer wanted to take 10K off selling price. Knowing our house was worth the asking price, Bobbie found another buyer who was willing to pay the full price within the addendum time frame, thus having the original buyer decide to pay the full price for our home knowing that there were other buyers willing to do so. I feel that Bobbie's knowledge of the housing market and her negotiating skills were the reason our home sold so quickly, and that we were able to get the full asking price. Again I would recommend Bobbie Smith if you are thinking of selling your home, or in the market to buy. – Karen Muse