Carlton Egner

Cell: (208) 571-0009


Carlton Egner grew up in the Boise/Meridian area prior to the great population influx of the mid-2000's. He played a variety of sports all throughout his youth and quickly developed a drive for personal growth, an unwavering dedication to excellence, and an unmatched tenacity to do what's best for those around him — all qualities he's held on to throughout his career. During his sports days, Carlton spent much of his younger years traveling around the nation for tournaments, competing at the highest level. His competitive nature fostered an attitude of confident, compassionate leadership and he is committed to bringing this style of guidance to all his clients.

Behind the scenes experience helps set Carlton apart as a realtor. He has worked in the residential, commercial, and industrial construction industries in a variety of capacities for over a decade. This tenured career has provided him with an inside look into what it takes to make your residential or commercial real estate vision a reality. Prior to starting Egner Real Estate, Carlton spent the last several years as a truss designer learning the architectural and engineering sides of construction. Whether you are looking to purchase your first Boise home or are looking for a partner to help guide your business' growth trajectory, Carlton's decade-long industry experience is invaluable.