Catherine Iverson

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Own your future!


When you hire a real estate professional, you deserve someone who is dedicated, organized, and ready to go the extra mile to give you the best experience possible. Buying or selling a home can be a challenging experience, and no two transactions will ever be the same. But with a professional who knows the market, has strong communication & marketing skills, acute attention to detail, and a genuine desire to help, it can be a lot of fun, too!

There’s a lot of real estate professionals out there, and each has a unique way of doing things. For me, my number one goal is to empower the people I work with through education. You will never feel left in the dark or confused about the best path forward. Real estate can be incredibly nuanced and convoluted. It is my goal to interpret those complex circumstances without bias or emotion, and give you the hard facts in an easy-to-understand manner, so you can make informed decisions about what is best for you and your life goals.


Real estate is a powerful, wealth-building tool. The average homeowner has a net worth 40X that of their renting counterpart! When you buy a house, you buy an asset that grows with you over time. Each month, as you pay your mortgage, you pay your future self, too! Each small (or not-so-small) improvement you invest into your home gets to be enjoyed in the moment, while also building up more equity into your home. And each night as you go to sleep, you have peace of mind knowing that you are in control of your future.

For most, wealth building isn’t an overnight success. It comes from years of small, positive steps forward. Homeownership is a simple (and let’s face it, FUN) way to build your net worth over time. And how you choose to use that nest egg is totally up to you. You can leverage up to your dream house, move to a different house and rent out your first, or you can cash out, buy an RV, and travel the world. Whatever you choose, doesn’t it feel good to know you’ve got options?

Let’s get your future-self ready for whatever adventure life might throw your way.


My name is Catherine Iverson, and I've been living in the Treasure Valley for nearly 30 years. I was fortunate enough to become a homeowner early on in my life, and I am blown away by how much this small step has impacted my financial future. I have a passion for personal finance, and feel called to help more people regain control of their future through strategic use of their income. So many people find their finances to be their biggest stress in life, when with a few small, intentional tweaks, the compounding results could be absolutely life changing. Like a steady stream of water can over time create breathtaking canyons, so too can small changes today create significant improvements for your future self.

When I am not out showing houses, you’ll find me hanging out with my husband and our three wild children. I love staying active with daily walks in my neighborhood or fun CrossFit workouts at the gym my husband started back in 2017. I am an avid learner and take great pride in continuing to learn new skills each year. I love working in real estate, because it is constantly challenging me in new ways and I am always presented with new opportunities to learn and grow as a professional.