Corey Chase

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Helping you with ALL your Home Buying and Selling Needs!


Our team here at Silvercreek Realty Group makes available to all its clients, not only the professional knowledge of each individual agent, but also the combined expertise and skills of the entire team. We pride ourselves on continuing and progressive education, thus providing our clients with quality real estate services.


Corey Chase believes that knowledge is power and by educating buyers and sellers in the Idaho real estate process can alleviate a lot of stress and uncertainty. By educating his clients along with open communication he creates trust between client and agent.

Corey not only believes in listening to his clients, but believes it is equally important to listen to the other parties involved in a real estate transaction. This way it forms a team, working towards a goal of getting to the end result. By doing this it gives his clients an advantage not only during the negotiating phase of a real estate transaction, but all the way to the closing phase.


The first priority when meeting a new client is to find out how he can best serve them. Letting his clients engage him with their thoughts gives him time to listen to their needs. The information he gains helps him formulate a game plan to address their wants and needs.


Before becoming a realtor, Corey worked as a mortgage loan officer for 8 years. He helped not only get clients approved but kept involved in knowing where his client’s files were in both processing and the underwriting. The experience he has gives him full understanding of the process and to know when a loan officer is misleading or just not getting things done. Corey also served in the Marine Corps for 8 years. He prides himself on taking lead and getting things accomplished. This he learned the value of “Mission Accomplishment” from his time in the Marines.