Court Etherington

Office: 208-571-7145
Cell: (208) 713-3192
Fax: 208-401-1151


Court Etherington is an efficient, capable real estate guide for clients that often face a variety of real estate buying and selling hurdles. After twelve years as a local agent, he has unique experience and capability in the area of new construction, investment, and resale arenas, but enjoys working in all areas of the industry. When working with him, clients notice right away that Court, a true professional in his chosen industry, truly cares about them and their realty goals, and ensures they have all the tools and information they need.

Court takes pleasure in advising and assisting his clients with any questions they have because he knows the importance of them making the best decision possible for their household. His unique blend of energy and calmness sets at ease and encourages those around him until they find the perfect home.

Court, who has received his GRI certification, was a 2013 recipient of the CASE Circle of Excellence Award. Prior to his real estate career, he spent fifteen years with Farmer’s Insurance, and majored in Marketing in college with a Communication minor. This impressive, well-rounded business background and perspective is something that Court draws upon as he stays well informed on the real estate market so his clients are prepared for and can benefit from current conditions.

Court, also a proud father, enjoys spending time with his daughters. He loves partaking in Idaho recreational activities like downhill skiing and golf.


“As interested buyers and other agents viewed our home, Court made a point to follow-up to ascertain the perceived positives and negatives. He remained positive and upbeat throughout the process. He also remained involved unlike so many other agents who seem to “disappear” once the listing agreement is signed. If you want an agent that is personable, professional, organized and interested in your outcome, then Court Etherington is the choice for you.”
-William & Teresa Marr