Craig Harbin

Craig Harbin

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Here to assist you realize your real estate aspirations…


It has been said that in the commercial world, “the client is king.” This is very true. It is my purpose as a real estate agent to assist the client in the realization of his or her objectives concerning the purchase or sale of property. As “king,” the client's aspirations are to be respected, and honored. The ultimate decision in any transaction resides with the client. It is my responsibility to fully inform the client of all pertinent, and available information concerning the property in question, so that the client is fully assured of the right course of action. My hope and desire is to see the client very satisfied with a successful transaction, and the realization of their objectives.


My commitment to the client is two-fold: first, I am committed to be trustworthy, honest, and forthright concerning any and every property considered. It is my opinion that the client needs to know as much as possible concerning a property in order for there to be an informed decision made. Secondly, I am committed to bringing the transaction to a successful and effective conclusion to the satisfaction of all involved. It is my hope that the client will be fully satisfied as such.


My background consists in the purchase and sale of property overseas, and here in the United States. In the years 1995-2012, I was involved in the purchase and sale of multifamily apartment complexes, and office buildings. In moving to Idaho in 2012, further experience in the purchase of multifamily units, and office buildings, was added to my resume. In 2015, I made the decision to become a real estate agent, primarily of homes, though commercial entities would not be excluded. I worked with Keller Williams Realty for two years, and then transferred over to Silvercreek Realty Group in 2016.