Cristina Pescaru

Cell: (208) 284-1545

The Property Team

Pledge to Clients:  Experience * Loyalty * Commitment * Care

Professional Experience:  Licensed Realtor in the Treasure Valley since 2000.
Relocation Specialist

Education:  Certified New Homes Sales Professional
Brokerage Management
Real Estate Law
BA in Romanian and French Literature and Languages.

Outside Interests:  Travel, reading, music, growing in faith, keeping informed on socio-economic events..

Personal Information:  Native of Romania, moved to Boise in 1990, married.
Speaks Romanian and French.

Cristina's Romanian Connection

A foot in both worlds! It occured to me, after my recent visit to my native country Romania, that I belong to both worlds: the one of my birth, with all the culture, art, literature, customs and food that it represents, and the one who adopted me, the generous and irrepressible United States of America…standing for the ideals of Liberty and Individual responsibility and success, like no other. Let's talk Romania, while I help you settle in the USA! READ MORE about Cristina's Idaho Romanian Connection.