Donna Rogers

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Helping you find “Home Sweet Home”


I love serving both buyers and sellers and have a true passion for working with seniors. I love educating others about the market and helping them find resources to make the journey simpler, whether it's recommending a great lender or a downsizing company. Owning one's own home is still part of the great American Dream and I consider it a privilege to be a small part of making that happen for others.


I believe that my job as a real estate agent is to educate others about the process of buying or selling a home. This allows each individual to make an educated decision based on what is best for them. I also share the philosophy that things happen when they are supposed to and that means that sometimes you just have to let go of an idea or a timeframe and let God do the leading. I've seen enough miracles happen in the real estate process that I no longer consider it coincidental. I am very much a relationship person which means that if you are my client, my goal will be to get to know you and your family, your values, goals, dreams and realities that are so instrumental in performing a great service to you. I will never sacrifice a relationship for a one-time sale. Your friendship and continued trust and belief in me are driving forces for the way I treat others. My commitment to you is to always be educated about the market, to use my very best negotiating skills when representing you and to treat you and those you care about with kindness and respect.


From the time I graduated and entered the work force, I have been in the sales arena. But whether I was a property/casualty insurance agent, the membership director for the Chamber of Commerce, a health club manager, a hospice/home care liaison or a real estate agent, the one thing that has never changed for me is how I view sales. I see sales as an opportunity to become a student of my profession and to share that knowledge with others through the process of education. It's not about forcing someone to buy something they don't need; it's about learning all you can about what is important to your client and then helping them find what they are passionate about while guiding and protecting them along the way.

With over 16 years of experience in the real estate industry, I not only have a wide variety of knowledge about the market and the local area, I am a top-notch negotiator and passionate about getting the best deal for those I represent. I've seen the market at its best and at its worst and have been through enough real estate transactions that I can anticipate problems that may crop up during the process. Most importantly, I have a true love for others and their right to have the best quality of life and living!


There good REALTORS®, and then there are GREAT REALTORS®. I was blessed with one of the “greats” in the real estate business. Donna not only knows and understands the business; she has heart. Donna is committed and compassionate in her service with her clients. This is one lady I will always call friend, as you will too when you choose her to help you sell or purchase your new home. She's in this business for YOU! C. Crisman

There is no better REALTOR® than Donna. She goes above and beyond night or day to meet and exceed our expectations. She was amazing and timely preparing all our offers especially during the difficult bidding wars. She was there with us every step of the way, very knowledgeable and helpful. J. Snyder

We are so thankful that we connected with Donna on the search for our first home! She was knowledgeable on the area, educated us on the process, and went above and beyond in helping us get exactly what we needed. As first time buyers, the process can be scary, but Donna spent extra time helping us understand the process and make sure we were 100% comfortable with everything. She didn’t let us settle for a home that she knew didn’t suit us, and encouraged us to move on and keep looking, and we soon found our perfect home!! We are so thankful for her honestly! I continue to recommend her to anyone searching for their home, and we look forward to working with her again when the time comes! H. Barnard

Donna gives so much of herself to her clients. Whether you are selling or buying a home, she works incredibly hard to take care of her people. I have been very fortunate to have worked with Donna on many different occasions and her integrity is high and her work ethic is valued. A. Raver

Donna has helped me with so many of my senior clients that come to me wanting a Reverse Mortgage on their homes. Some need to downsize and Donna is the best person I have ever worked with my senior clients. I know she will always take the time to explain what the process is and what will be good in their situation. My clients become her friends as well as mine, I so appreciate all the attention that is given to these seniors. I have to say even younger clients, really enjoy working with such a knowledgeable person. So appreciate working with Donna Rogers …. She has become my go to REALTOR®. K. Bostic

Donna goes the extra mile for each one of her clients.
I personally have seen her paint, clean, plant flowers and so much more. If you want honest you will get it with her. And if you have a senior family member, she is the best. She will take the extra time to make sure they are well taken care of. B. Kulani