Gayle Chapman

Cell: (208) 972-7018


Everyone is different. Your needs and wants are your own, and I'm here to help you find what you want and need in your home. Whether new to the process or an old pro, I'll guide and walk you through it, and help take care of the details. If you have difficult questions, or need specific advice, I have pro's to turn to or refer you to for answers. As my client, you come first.


I am committed to helping you have the best Real Estate Experience. I cannot guarantee that there will be no stress, but I can guarantee that I will handle my end of every deal with confidence and competence.


My background is in Music Entertainment from 1974 to present, and I added Rehabbing and Flipping to my abilities in 2009. I became a Landlord during this time frame, and added my Real Estate License in 2017. I have since sold my rental properties, and devote my time to my Real Estate Clients, Music Education, and Performance.


Gayle was extremely helpful when we decided to make a purchase from a FSBO. She negotiated well for us, and saved the deal when we almost blew the whole thing up! D. Antilla, Mountain Home Id
When we decided to sell our land in Roby Creek, Gayle helped us price the lot correctly. We got it under contract quickly, but found out it needed Quiet Title Action performed, and we needed to raise the price. Gayle was very helpful in finding the right legal team, and holding the deal together while raising the price under contract. GS Novotny, Nampa ID