Ines Salas

Cell: (208) 371-2390


Mediocre service has become a norm in many service industries. That is definitely not my philosophy or the way I do business. My clients come first and I make myself available 24/7 to them. Some may say that I am overdoing it, but you have chosen me to be part of one of the biggest decisions of your life.


The absolute number one goal is to establish clear lines of communication and trust with my clients. Honesty is not for everyone. I tell my clients what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear. Together we will make a team to be reckoned with!


I have been in real estate for almost two years now. I have a very loving and supportive husband, a genius 8 year old daughter, and we are expecting another bundle of joy in April. We just adopted a Maltese puppy, Kamara (named after Alvin Kamara for the football fans) he is always causing chaos but we wouldn't have it any other way.

We are regular Idahoans who enjoy camping, entertaining, and of course football!!

Always appreciating the beauty of homes and the people who choose to own them, I decided to switch careers (scary) and join the real estate industry. Its part of a bigger picture for me. To see the gratification on my clients faces, knowing I was allowed to be part of the journey makes it all worthwhile. I have an extensive background in the customer service and collections industries. Therefore, I not only understand the real estate side of the transaction but also recognize the importance of lending and establishing open channels of communication with the finance gurus. I have sat and will continue to sit through numerous hours of credit counseling, debt consolidation meetings, and settlement negotiations with my clients. Whatever is necessary.


**I never thought I would own a house and then I met Ines. When I told her I was going to sign another lease she asked me why. I didn't have an answer for her so she pushed me to see a lender. I couldn't get approved for the amount I needed. She and the lender got together a list of options and things for me to take care of . I NOW OWN A HOUSE. Thank you!!!!!! A.P

**Ines was absolutely amazing!!! I can not thank her enough for all of her hard work! She has been amazing! You can tell upon just meeting her that she is so wonderful!!! Absolutely amazing woman and realtor!!! Erin Curran-Funk

**I cannot thank Ines enough for helping us through this journey of finding and buying our first home!! She was there every step of the way always answering any questions or concerns and helped everything go as smooth as possible. Couldn't of asked for a better agent thank you again Ines!!!!

Stephenie Denise Trittin

**I own a house and have over 50K in escrow thanks to Ines. She is creative and will get it done for you.