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REALTOR®, Associate Broker

Helping Buyers/Sellers navigate Life's Real Estate Boomerangs


Life is about boomerangs. You think you life is headed in one direction – when suddenly – life takes you in a very different direction. Perhaps you thought you were in your forever home, but suddenly found the need to sell your home due to some life event. Or maybe you thought you would never be able to purchase and own your own home, but life surprised you, and now you're ready to make a purchase. Whether it is marriage, divorce, job change, new addition to the family, retirement – whatever. Life is about boomerangs and new adventures. When life happens, things can get a bit overwhelming. I am here to help make those transitions a little easier.

My role, as a Realtor, is to serve as a liaison between Buyers, Sellers, Title Companies, Lenders, Inspection Companies, and Trustee Attorneys in the real estate transactions for my clients. In this process, I believe that communication plays a critical role. So keeping my clients informed along the way is vital. Additionally, since most people buy or sell property only a few times over the course of their lifetime, educating my clients throughout the process is another key factor in helping a transaction go much more smoothly.

I entered the Real Estate market because I really enjoy helping people. It is such a pleasure to work closely with sellers, providing consultations, market analysis, and lending advice on how best to prepare their home before it goes on the market. Sellers who properly prepare their home for market ahead of time have a better opportunity of obtaining the best price for their property. Helping Sellers move on to their next life adventure is an incredible privilege.

Then there is the thrill of helping a buyer find that perfect home. It is like watching someone open up an expensive gift. Working closely with buyers, I offer guidance in making sure that they have “all their ducks in a row” ahead of time so that they are ready, willing, and able to make a purchase once they find that dream home. Consulting with buyers, and providing a market analysis of the home they are hoping to purchase is an important aspect of my job, that enables buyers to make an informed decision before making an offer to purchase.

Helping Buyers/Sellers successfully navigate through Life's Boomerangs is my goal.


Our team here at Silvercreek Realty Group makes available to all its clients, not only the professional knowledge of each individual agent, but also the combined expertise and skills of the entire team. We pride ourselves on continuing and progressive education, thus providing our clients with quality real estate services.


I am a seasoned Realtor. I entered the Real Estate business in 2004 because I really enjoy helping people. As it turned out, I got into the business just prior to the market crashing. And what a ride it has been! While many agents hesitated to work with distressed homeowners suffering through the Short Sale and Foreclosure process, I jumped right in. Because for me, it has always been about helping people. Along the way I have made some life-long friends.

I moved from California to Idaho in August 2015. I love living here. The sense of community, and the friendliness of the people here are wonderful.

My husband, Darrell, and I have been married for 48 years. We have 2 adult and married children, and 5 fabulous grandchildren. We enjoy spending time with family and grandchildren. We also like to walk, take bike rides, and attend old car shows.


If you are thinking of buying or selling, or know of anyone moving to Idaho, please give me a call. I offer a free consultation and market analysis.

Janet McClure
Idaho Phone: 208-570-9923
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Idaho Real Estate Broker’s License 2018
California Real Estate Broker’s License 2017
California Real Estate Sales License 2004