Jenny Olin

Cell: (208) 996-0801

“You can have everything in life that you want, if you will just give enough other people what they want.” – Zig Ziglar


I have made a career of helping others and it is something that truly makes me happy. I am best when challenged, solving problems through collaboration, and I find answers that “win” for all parties involved.


I am passionate about serving others with knowledge, honesty, and kindness. After building my career in customer service and training & development I decided to leave the corporate world to work more closely with my local community in Real Estate! My work experience, higher education, and certifications in mentoring, mediating, and management have created my exceptional communication skills. Others have said I am firm yet fair, tactfully direct, quick-thinking, and great with people. My goal is to continue to work in excellence and consistency. I am fortunate to have received praise and have been thanked for my hard work, dedication, eagerness to learn, and my enthusiasm towards challenges.


“Jenny stayed involved in the inspections and re-inspections and negotiating with the sellers for things that needed to be fixed. I would not hesitate to refer anyone looking for a home to contact Jenny. She will not disappoint.”

“Jenny helped me navigate the complex process in selling my home. She gave excellent advice on what steps I could take to maximize the value of my property and helped me find experts to help where needed. Mostly I appreciated her constant support while I faced the almost overwhelming task of reducing the accumulation of 31 years, and her understanding that it was draining both physically and emotionally. Thank you, Jenny, for helping me take this first giant step on my new adventure!!”

“As an out of state buyer, I can't say enough about how good Jenny was. She went out of her way to accommodate my needs. Whenever I said I liked a particular house, she asked if she wanted her to go and video tape the house.”