Jubilee Anniskette

Cell: (208) 867-7108

Real Estate with Aloha!


Every situation is unique. Whether you're buying, selling, or investing, I'll work with you to achieve your goals.


Whatever it is that you are searching for, I will help you find it. I am passionate about working with others, enjoy getting to know the people I work with, and strive to provide the best experience possible.


Growing up in Hawaii, family is a huge part of your day-to-day life. I learned what it really means to be there for others. I was taught to do things with love (or aloha) and found that it was not just beneficial for the person I helped, but also for myself. It translated into my work. I put everything I had into every job. Most of my career was geared toward helping families, literally being a part of creating families. The joy that comes from helping people in such a personal way is so fulfilling. I feel it's prepared me for doing real estate also. I've come to know what it means to be a part of life changing opportunities for others.