Julia Royal

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Your American Dream Is My Specialty. Have You Found Your Treasure Yet?


My Contribution:
To help people build a type of financial security and a legacy, in being a part of their freedom to attain their dreams of homeownership.

My Impact:
By helping others, more people can be satisfied because they feel they accomplished a milestone/dream in their life, and this sets them up for future success of their other goals and giving back to others as well, in their own way.

My Purpose:
Relentlessly achieve results through kindness, care, thoughtfulness, and high quality, to help everyone, especially those who help/serve others and may not know how to help themselves, build a financial security and legacy to attain dreams of homeownership, because happy clients = better lives and better world, because success = giving back to others.

My Mission/What I do:
My mission at Idaho Treasure Homes is empowering my clients to build a financial future legacy for themselves and their families, whether they're buyers or sellers in the Treasure Valley, Idaho, while helping to make their dreams of owning the Home(s)-of-their-Dreams come true, with trust, empathy and care.

Vision/Where I want to be:
To help everyone achieve a future and security through home-ownership.


Values/What I believe:
God Centeredness on God’s glory and His ends throughout our entire process
Clients always come first
Win-Win or no deal
Reliability and Integrity to do the right thing
Respect for the people I serve
Quality of the services I provide
Teamwork because together everyone achieves more
Communication which seeks first to understand
Trust starts with honesty
Equity of opportunities for all
Success results through people

Standard of Excellence:
As someone who is part of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), I am committed to providing the highest levels of professionalism and best value to my clients. To do this, I am committed to continuing education beyond the required amount, being an active part in helping our community, and always making my client's a priority.


I'm a real estate Agent with Idaho Treasure Homes at Silvercreek Realty Group in Meridian, ID and the nearby areas, providing home-buyers and sellers with professional, responsive, and attentive real estate services.

I am originally from Ukraine and can speak English and Russian fluently. Even before my mom and I came to America and got our Citizenship, we've revered the American Dream and the blessing of how truly amazing Country the U.S.A. really is, and how blessed we all are to call this our home. It has always been my dream to help people to live the American Dream and find their perfect home and become a home-owner. People who serve our Country and give their all for us in Police, Military, Fire Departments, EMT’s, as well as, Nurses, and Teachers, have a special place in my heart and I enjoy being able to help them as well, with their real estate needs through special programs and by giving back to them. America is truly the land of opportunity and success, and I love helping people find ways to reach their goals. I am grateful to God for providing opportunities for me to help others reach their dreams of home-ownership and investment in their future.

Because of my mom, I had an opportunity to learn about real estate and how amazing it is to help people make their American dreams come true, from a younger age. There is nothing like helping a family find their perfect home, whether their first or 20th home, and getting the satisfaction of knowing you were a part of helping someone build a legacy and success for their family as well, is priceless.

I enjoy finding new ways I can help others reach their dreams when it comes to real estate. Not only do I have a background in various aspects of real estate, I also value education, and have a B.S. in Business Management, and have gone through and am always continuing extensive training in my field to provide my clients with the best expertise that will help them.

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