Kaysa Cruse

Cell: (203) 464-7636
Realtor ®

Offering excellent service, with plenty of personality!


Life is not about having, it is about giving and being. Connecting with individuals to accomplish their real estate goals is extremely rewarding. Making the process as simple as possible is always my goal.


I have 3 goals in working with clients.
1. To iron out the specific details of your real estate needs.
2. To provide you with the information and options you need as quickly as possible.
3. To make the transaction process as simple as possible.

Having the right systems in place to make every transaction as simple as possible makes for an enjoyable experience and leaves room for fun!


I have been in the real estate field all of my life. I got my real estate license first when I was 18 living on the east coast, working as a brokers assistant for two and half years and then going out on my own as an agent. As an agent, I also bought my first home, a 3 family house, when I was twenty-two along with a fitness studio and in time, built both businesses up. Deciding on moving west, I researched some of the best areas, Boise being at the top of the list, came out to visit and bought my house here on vacation! I rented it out while I sold my real estate and business on the east coast, and with those proceeds bought a Mobile Home Park with 20+ tenants in Mountain Home, Idaho. I have been managing that while starting a family and decided it was time to get my license again, so here I am working as a agent again. Second only to my favorite job as a mom.