I would love to talk with you about how great Idaho is and the fantastic lifestyle it offers. I would love to answer the question “Why Buy Idaho?” Please reach out to me if you are thinking about relocating to Idaho, or buying or selling a home. I’d love to chat! Kirsten


My passion is to help people find a “Better Life” whether that be a move to Idaho or a new home. If you are looking to relocate from out of state I promise to take the time to show you the area and provide information in order to help you determine what town or area is perfect for you or your family. We may find the Treasure Valley isn’t the best choice and that’s okay as my goal is to make sure you are 100% happy and don’t have any regrets. If you do decide to relocate to Idaho or currently live here and are looking for a new home, I promise to diligently help you find that home.


I was born and raised in California and relocated to Idaho in 2012. In doing so my husband and I left our grown children and grandkids behind in hopes of getting out of the “rat race”, and taking time to enjoy life. We also wanted to pave the way for our kids to move to Idaho if they wanted. My biggest fear was we would never see our kids or grandkids. Thankfully that didn’t happen as we have family and friends visit frequently. My biggest regret is that we didn’t move sooner. There’s definitely a better life in Idaho, we love it!

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Marketing. I’m really big on relationship building because that’s what brings me happiness. I enjoy people, want to learn more about them, their dreams, passions, etc. and their hardships, as we’ve all had them. I’ve worked as a teller, waitress, customer service manager, pharmacy technician, supervisor, case manager, headhunter and recruiter. If I had to sum it all up, what I enjoy most is building relationships, providing excellent customer service, paying close attention to details, working hard and having fun.

I’m an absolute “Foodie” and love all the fantastic restaurants the Treasure Valley has to offer. I also love to cook which I guess goes hand-in-hand with the “Foodie” part. In my spare time my husband and I love to explore this beautiful state. We enjoy road trips, taking our side-by-side to the hills, fishing, and exploring all the fabulous things to do in the Treasure Valley. Of course there are also times we just like to be still and enjoy our lawn chairs.