“Selling or Buying, We’ve Got You Covered!”



Boise Real Estate Professionals – Serving You, Your Family and Friends Real Estate Needs in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and the Surrounding Area!


Hello! We are Steve and Linda Slaughter, the Boise Double Agents! We purpose to do impeccable real estate for our clients and are your resource to sell your home and/or find your next home. Real estate transactions can be complicated, and we help make it simple. With excellent resources, knowledge and energy, we help prepare a home for the highest value the market will yield for it to maximize your equity. We also help people find the right home with the right amenities, in the right neighborhood. All with a smile and great communication! Let us help you in your next step forward! “Selling or Buying, We’ve Got You Covered!”


Our story in real estate has been growing since 2005. We came to Idaho in 1976 and 1978, and after leaving for education and work in 1996 to live in KY and NM, we moved back to wonderful Boise in 2003, then became Realtors in our “home town” in 2005! We are both military kids (Air Force pilot Dad, and Navy Dad), so we never had a home town that we grew up in, so this is the next best, for sure, and are so thankful to have ended up in Boise. We have helped dozens of people sell a home or buy a home, helping guide them through decisions, preparations, negotiations and the closing details that come with the complicated world of selling or buying. We specialize in helping clients obtain every dollar of equity that they have built in their home. We also pay careful attention to the home buyer’s needs and desires and help them as they find a home, then negotiate to their best advantage in their purchase. To do it right requires knowing the market, knowing what will sell a home for more money, having the resources to prepare a home to sell, and knowing the area to help people find the right home – all with a smile and great communication. Please call anytime to ask us questions, and we look forward to helping you, too! “Selling or Buying, We’ve Got You Covered!”