Monte Manning

Cell: (208) 861-5785


I Provide very personalized service for home sellers and buyers throughout the Treasure Valley. I am very detailed oriented from the initial contact (determining the goals and boundary conditions) until after the closing transaction. Preparing a home for a quick and profitable sale is of critical importance and is a prime focus area. For buyers, ensuring a well targeted search to minimize distractions is a critical to minimize “noise” from the endeavor. I minimize the number of active clients to ensure a strong focus which prevents errors and ensures strong communication with the client.


As a former R&D engineer, I am trained to face and solve new challenges. I view a real estate transaction as a challenge in ensuring that the client ultimately gets the home or sale that they were hoping for in a stress-free and timely manner with minimal surprises. This is what engineers do (optimize processes and procedures to achieve the best possible outcome with the most efficient use of resources (ie: customer money, time and stress) as possible). It is this skill set along with my ability to work with virtually any client that excites and motivates me.


I have a Masters Degree from Cornell University in Electrical Engineering and have worked in R&D engineering and management for over 35 years. Upon leaving the semiconductor field, I explored various options and found that Real Estate was personally very satisfying for me. On a personal note, I love the outdoors, specifically backpacking the Idaho wilderness as well as boating and snow boarding. I've lived in Eagle Idaho for 20 years, and in the Treasure Valley for 30 years. Having come from Florida, I have an appreciation for various areas of the country and world but Idaho is my home and favorite.