Nicholas Bromund

Cell: (208) 907-2203

Making Real Estate FUN


Service is an opportunity to build robust relationships and partnerships – both within the workplace and the community. Service is a vehicle for collaboration, learning, knowledge sharing and creativity. I strongly believe that my commitment and willingness for service were established and developed due to my artistic background and through my extensive experience in volunteer and professional work. In that respect, service comes natural within my personality – especially when it comes to introducing initiatives, leading change and projects and collaborating within teams. My dedication to service is focused on achieving incremental targets that lead to its goal. Moreover, I view these targets as vicinities for building networks and increasing personal development and exposure.


My 3 Promises for my client(s):

I will go above and beyond for your needs — I need you to be able to count on me if I am to succeed. However, I understand that I must earn credibility by displaying competence, so I will master my own responsibilities. I also understand that my credibility with you is critical to our inevitable success. This will mean that I will take our ideas, suggestions and questions to great lengths to ensure everything is right.

I will listen to you — I believe that effective communication begins with effective listening. I am committed to understanding your ideas, questions, thoughts and ambitions. Effective, active listening means that I may ask a lot of questions, some of which you’ll likely find challenging. Challenging you doesn’t mean that I don’t value you — it means I do. If we don’t connect effectively then I will try again.

I will keep you informed — I will let you every action that is taken to ensure you are always in the know. My commitment is to be as accurate and timely as possible. If I don’t have accurate information I won’t speculate or trade rumors. To keep you accurately informed it’s important that I am aware of any questions, issues and suggestions you may have. Knowledge is power!


I have a vast experience in sales and marketing with a demonstrated and extensive history of working with customers in all types of environments. I am skilled in Coaching, Sales, Communication, and Presentations. I am also strong as an operations professional and mentor. I have studied psychology earning certificates for both Understanding Memory from Wesleyan University and Introduction to Psychology from Yale University. I have an extensive background in restaurant management earning me certificates for Food & Beverage Management from Universita Bocconi, ServSafe Manager and Alcohol from the National Restaurant Association, and Bartending Masterclass from Udemy. My history in these departments have helped me master sales, communication and developing strong networks.

When I am not working I am very active in the theatre community and I occasionally dabble in creating films spanning all genres. I always make it a point to participate in Spartan races and I aim for the trifecta every year. I'm very fun to be around and you'll never see me flustered. My goal is to make your home buying/selling experience an exciting one.