Ray Armani

Cell: (208) 513-5322


Having a former career in restaurant franchising, I developed a passion for the exhilaration of purchasing and selling properties. I am highly driven and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in real estate and making the process a pleasant experience.


I come from a varied background, having lived and worked in Dubai, Miami, Hawaii and found my home in Idaho with my family. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Bachelor’s in Hospitality. My knowledge and education, weaved together with life experiences, are what will make me a great fit for you!


I am exceptional at calculating risks. The exhilaration of real estate is my passion! I am also a professional skydiver with over 8,000 jumps in the last 7 years. I am not afraid to take a risk, but I will make sure it will be a profitable one for you. If you can trust me with your life in a skydive, you can trust me with your real estate transaction!