Rob Conard

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You’ve worked hard and invested long hours to build a successful business. It’s important to plan and prepare for an equally successful sale if you want full value for your company.

You can’t just stick a “for sale” sign in the window and expect potential buyers to be willing to pay full value.

I help sellers achieve the highest and best possible price for their business. When owners attempt to manage the complex selling process alone, their business tends to lose value as they are pulled in many different directions.

I don’t want that to happen to you, your time is more valuable growing your business during the sale process in order to achieve the maximum payout.

That’s what buyers are looking for…

Business owners contact me when they’re thinking about the day they might retire from running their business and wondering just how that process works. They’re not sure what their exit strategy is, when to sell, how to find the right buyer or how to keep it confidential. They’re not sure what their business is worth or how to get the most for it.

For expert advice and proven, customized strategies to sell your business, contact me, I can answer your questions!


I am committed to representing both my sellers and buyers through the buying and selling process of a business. It is my goal to maintain the privacy of the seller so they can continue to run their business effectively without interruption from buyers. Through the transaction process my goal is to help the seller and the buyer access the items needed for the due diligence process, so each can achieve their goals of exiting a business and purchasing a business.


My wife and owned a very successful painting and construction company in Central Oregon for 27 years. We decided to sell our business and move to Idaho where both of our daughters had moved several years prior. It worked out great to have the family living in the same area. We started Treasure Valley Business Brokers and now we help business owners in the sale of their businesses.