Rodney McConnell

Cell: (208) 874-3577
Exceptional Service, Timely Results, Personal Integrity

McConnell Realty is committed to Service, Results, and Integrity.

  • We provide Exceptional Service to every client. Our Clients do Not Have to Wait for Us to Respond. We do our best to respond to clients within one hour or less;
  • We are Transparent. We tell our clients everything we can about all aspects of the house and/or deal in question;
  • We provide our clients with the tools, resources, and information they need to have a clear understanding of the processes involved in buying or selling a home; and,
  • We Build Trust. We believe clients who trust us will come back to us in the future and that they will tell others about our services.
  • We Begin with the End in Mind. We listen carefully to the client. We get a clear understanding of what the client expects, needs, and wants;
  • We work with buyers to find the right house, in the right neighborhood, at the right price, and we work with sellers to get top dollar in the current market;
  • All available resources are immediately put in motion to help our clients reach their goals;
  • While a transaction is in progress, we check daily to make sure we are on a path that will lead to achieving our client’s goals?
  • We do what is Moral and Ethical Every Day. We do not want even the appearance of unethical behavior to overshadow our work with clients. To the very best of our abilities, we do what’s right the first time every time.


What Our Clients Say About Us:

Buying a house is the first and the most important step for us in the process of building up our own home. Without your help, the process would not have been this smooth. Thank you for your patience, professional advice and consideration along the entire journey. It's a pleasure and blessing to accomplish this task with you. Brenda and I really enjoyed the process . . .

Meng-Wei & Brenda

Rodney was very easy to work with. I told him what I wanted, what my price range was, and what area I wanted to live in. He said, “We WILL FIND it” and after some looking . . . we found the best option. During the whole process I was kept updated as things happened. Happily moved into my house! Would recommend them to anyone!

Craig B.

McConnell Realty had a wonderful New Year's party. Thank you for including us. The smoked brisket and ribs were delicious as was the Texas sheet cake! I'm sorry we had to leave early and miss the black eyed peas. If Melissa gets tired of the leftovers (if there were any) send them our way! We enjoyed hearing Rodney talk about some of the properties, also. We could tell how much you care about your real estate business

Susan M

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