Sage Hickam

Cell: (208) 949-1450

Protecting and Serving Your Real Estate Needs!


Serving my clients in the Treasure Valley has been a tremendous blessing. I have taken the skills and mindset developed from my previous careers as both a police officer and Iraq War Veteran.


Always placing the mission first, never accepting defeat, and placing people over profits are just some of the highlights of my commitment to my clients.


Since starting my career as a REALTOR®, I have been fortunate to stay very busy. I utilize my connections to meet all kinds of needs! I have come across many issues along the way, but there is ALWAYS a way to get something done. One of my most rewarding transactions was working with a couple who unfortunately found themselves in a foreclosure situation. I was able to speak with the attorney assigned to the case in order to get them more time prior to the foreclosure. Because of this, we were able to net them well over six-figures, instead of walking away empty handed.