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Realtor ®

The Youngs love real estate! The two of them started their real estate career in October 2015, but have had extensive experience with the housing market and professional transactions in their past careers. For example, Bill worked 20+ years as a self-employed general contractor. In Debbie’s past career she became an expert in money handling as she operated her own bookkeeping business. They, honestly, are both highly motivated and driven people.

Their road to becoming real estate professionals started in their early years as they bought and sold their own homes, learning as much as they could from the great real estate agents they worked with, becoming more and more intrigued by real estate agents and the real estate business. After their interest continued to grow, they figured that, with Bill’s close relation to home building and Debbie’s background in accounting, that real estate would be a good fit for them as a career— boy, they sure were right!

The Youngs love the opportunity to meet new people through real estate. They also love providing excellent customer service and helping their clients make their real estate dreams come true. Throughout their careers, the Youngs strived to do the best job— giving their clients their full attention and effort. This was apparent throughout their industries because, in the 20+ years of Bill’s contracting, he hardly had to advertise at all as most of his business was through word of mouth referrals from very satisfied customers. He did great work and was always professional.

When asked how they feel about quality customer service, the Youngs answered, “We believe strongly in good customer service and providing the best quality service we can to our [clients]”. This level of dedication to their clients is what sets them apart from the pack. They have raised the bar and are continually doing their very best.

Here’s what some of their clients have to say about them:

“We were so lucky to find Debbie and Bill. All the transactions were easy and we felt so safe and confident with Debbie and Bill. These lovely people went above and beyond to insure that our selling and buying of our homes were in our best interest. I feel very confident in their skills and honesty to recommend them to family and friends.”

Most of the Youngs’ real estate experience has been in residential real estate transactions, but they are eager to learn and grow to other types of transactions in the future.

They are new to the Boise area but they love the Idaho culture and landscape. Of Boise, they have said, “Boise has so much to offer in the way of outdoor activities and we love the … community”. The Youngs enjoy paddle boarding, off-roading in their jeep and hiking.