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If you have any questions, please call or text 208-709-7076 or email sakkaraprop@gmail.com


You matter to us! We only accept clients that we can give our full attention to their needs. So, if you are tired of not getting a response, try Sakkara Properties.


We treat every transaction as if we were the client and we have the expertise to help you maximize your dollars and create a solid investment.


Sakkara Properties, LLC is a unique business that can lead you through the entire process of acquisition, rezoning, platting, developing, market analysis, pro-forma creation, designing, product selection, decorating, property management, and selling- We specialize in commercial investments and residential opportunities.


“You did a wonderful job! Thank you–Tad; I add my appreciation that you were so dependable and pleasant to work with”– Doug
“This is a great apartment complex with fantastic management who really care about their tenants and work so hard. The building is clean and well maintained with spacious common areas, beautiful art and photography displayed on each floor, great amenities, and an intelligent and welcoming design. You will not find any other student housing complex with a more attentive and thoughtful owner, manager, or staff.”–Lydia
“I have not lived in a better housing complex before in my life. I literally love everything about this place. From the themes of each floor to the wonderful amenities that are provided, there really is not a place in town for single student housing that is better than Windsor manor. The managers are perfect and the coolest people on earth. Not to mention they are extremely loving! The owner is super cool and easy to talk to and are super willing to help you out with anything you need. The washer and dryer in the apt is kind of it's best treasure as well. The price is totally worth every penny because you do pay for what you are getting and that is excellence. It is also in a perfect location as well, what more could anyone ask for!”–Jon