Agents of Silvercreek Realty Group

Krista Deacon – Designated Broker

As Designated Broker of an amazing brokerage, I am committed to providing our agents with efficient sound resolutions and providing our clients with the highest level of real estate service and expertise. This is a constantly changing industry and it’s exciting to be a part of its evolution.

Alphabetized by first name

Ian Woelper
Cell: (208) 514-3476
Ilawna Hessing
Cell: (208) 994-1119
Ileana Aguilar
Cell: (970) 250-2242
Ilona Leskovets
Cell: (206) 518-4185
Ines Salas
Cell: (208) 371-2390
Irina Riley
Cell: (208) 391-3736
Isabella Mortensen
Cell: (208) 627-2342
Ismael Anguiano
Cell: (208) 749-6649
Ivan Richardson
Cell: (714) 831-7833
Ivory Gardner
Cell: (986) 888-0177
Izabelle Motta
Cell: (208) 908-9790